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Civilians on the Street

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Construction Next Door

BROOKLYN, USA.  If Brooklyn were an independent city it would be the fourth largest in the country.  New York’s most populated borough is a layered patchwork of neighborhoods and communities comprised of a diversity of class and cultures.  Like the entire City of New York, Brooklyn is constantly in flux; seething with the energy of millions of people suffering and smiling.  Brooklyn today is a different place then the Brooklyn where Vince Lombardi, Mel Brooks, or Rosie Perez grew up.  And the Fort Greene beautifully captured in Spike Lee Joints may be just a memory.  Or is it?  Depends who you ask.  One thing there is no shortage of in Brooklyn is opinions.

For several weeks now The Civilians have been walking Brooklyn, block by block, listening to anyone with something to say about the changes happening on every corner of the borough.   Over the coming weeks we will be posting notable highlights from our conversations. We invite you to post a comment or email us if you feel you have something to say.

What do you miss?  What do you like about the changes?


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