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Battle of Brooklyn

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Rumur is raising funds for Battle of Brooklyn, their documentary on the Atlantic Yards fight. Check out the trailer here.

From their site:

Battle of Brooklyn, a documentary which chronicles the efforts of local community activists to stop a massive development that threatens to decimate their neighborhood. Our main character, Daniel Goldstein, refused to sell to the developer and now New York State is attempting to seize his home via the power of eminent domain — a hot button issue that has made headlines across the country. (Dan and his family are not the only ones whose home is threatened. However, in order to tell the most compelling story the film increasingly focuses on him and his family.).

Now we’re approaching the end of this incredible story: If the developer doesn’t get shovels in the ground by Dec 31, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to proceed. If he does, Dan, his family, many other owners and renters, and the larger community outside the project footprint that have come together, will have lost their fight…and their homes. After shooting 300 hours of footage over six years, we have a character driven film that shines a bright light on the world of New York politics, billion dollar real estate, urban renewal, and the power of grass roots community activism.”