Brooklyn at Eye Level also includes a number of Community Labs connecting artists with local youth groups. The goal of these labs is to draw on the research gained through the investigation to help participants create expressions of how their neighborhoods work and how they can participate in changes that affect their everyday lives.

Playwriting workshop
Atlantic Terminal Community Center
Artist: Lucy Thurber, playwright

Click the links below to hear scenes from the playwriting workshop performed by The Civilians.

UNTITLED By Miguel Galvez

HOLLA By Evelyn Mclaughlin

UNTITLED by Tajameeka Storey

Investigation Workshop
Brooklyn Tech High School – Progressive Student Awareness Club
Artist: Civilians Actors

Dance Workshop
Artist: Urban Bush Women

Music Workshop
Artist: Michael Friedman, Michael Hill and Grace Kalambay

Writing Workshop
Hip-Hop Theater Festival’s Affiliate High School Brooklyn Community Arts and Media
Artist: Carl Hancock Rux

Click the link below to hear student work from the Writing Workshop performed by The Civilians.

Student Malcolm A. Salley Reflects on His Neighborhood