The Unity Plan and Lack of Oversight

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Civilians Actor Joaquin Torres, preparing for rehearsal
Photo: Michael Premo

“the Unity Plan would have been much better…it had affordable housing like 80 percent [sic] affordable. ..  It had lower, lower . . . buildings.  No skyscrapers.  It had some open space, and the plan was presented  . . . we had a fit because of “what kind of process is this?”  There’s no oversight of this project . . . they didn’t have to go through the ULURP process, which is the Unified Land Use Review Process by the City Council where you go to the Planning Board and from the Planning Board to the Borough Board then to the Planning Commission then to the City Council [for] a final decision.  Because it was state property, the rail yards, they didn’t have to go through ULURP.  But yet, they got money out of the City Council budget because the Mayor is supportive of it, the borough president, Marty Markowitz is supportive of it.” – Public Servant

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