Its about Pride!

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Civilians Actor Greg McFadden
Photo: Adrian Kinloch

“My mother was a Dodger’s fan.  She went to Dodger’s games.  She taught me to love the Mets because they were INSTEAD of the Dodgers. The key thing to understanding, is it isn’t really a sports story.  The reason the Dodgers still loom so large is that their name was not the New York Dodgers.  Their name was the Brooklyn Dodgers.  And that is to say what the Dodger’s are a simplified emblem of is something that people are mourning even though many of them don’t know they’re mourning it – which is that Brooklyn used to be it’s own city.  So the real scar , the one the Dodgers leaving became the outward comprehensible more recent emblem of . . .  And that is what is so much at the heart of so much of this complexity in Brooklyn identity is this doubleness of shame and pride that we were our own city with our own vital urban centers.  At the same time we were a second city because Manhattan, New York was always greater than Brooklyn.  But Brooklyn was Brooklyn.  And then we elected or someone elected on our behalf that we should subsume this beautiful magnificent identity into this other one.  And so there’s always still this doubleness of “We’re proud to be New Yorkers.  We’re angry to be New Yorkers.  We’re really Brooklynites.”  And it’s this conflicted stolen identity that I think meant…it’s so often the case that people relate more to symbol than to an actuality.  This team is just 25 guys who went to LA and became another team.  This happens all the time.  But the BROOKLYN Dodgers spoke to Brooklyn as a city unto itself.  And if they had been named differently or played in another part of the city, it wouldn’t have meant anything at all.” – Met’s Fan and Fourth Generation Brooklynite

One Response to “Its about Pride!”

  1. Bob Says:

    I can relate to the story about the Brooklyn Dodgers in my own way.

    Every summer my dad took us by train from Albany to NYC to see a Brooklyn Dodger game. Never ever did we see the Yankees. He was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan. At one time, I had several autographs of the Dodger players. Who knows where they are now…I’m sure long ago destroyed and thought never to be worth anything. Great blog.