Poor People Need to be Lifted out of Poverty

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Civilians Actor Billy Eugene Jones
Photo: Adrian Kinloch

“Here’s the TRICK…you say to poor people that you need affordable housing.  POOR PEOPLE DO NOT NEED AFFORDABLE HOUSING. Affordable housing is something that makes being poor more comfortable.  So if your income level is here (left hand low) and the housing market is here (right hand higher than left)…rather than increase your income and bring you up to where you can afford a house…we’re going to leave you where you are and we’re going to build some new lesser quality houses down here (brings one hand down to other), where you are, so that you can stay poor…and being poor is now a little bit more comfortable.  POOR PEOPLE NEED TO BE LIFTED OUT OF POVERTY.  The idea is to do away with poverty not make poverty more comfortable.” – An Elder from Around the Way

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