You Can’t Block the Sun

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Photo by Michael Premo

“Ratner was trying to help all these people.  He doesn’t just take your property, he offers fair market value.  If you’re gonna say no cuz you wanna be in the way of progress . . . it’s gotta be this country, based on majority rules, right?  So, if the majority of people want something, you can’t have the few naysayers say no, cause then you know what?  You’d never make progress the rest of our lives. And you have some beautiful buildings that are gonna be built there . . . think about that one . . . the mayor approved it, the city council approved it, everybody approved of it, right? So everybody can’t  be wrong and these few people are right.  I had two ladies, one was a teacher, one was a stockbroker they were a couple  and the both of ‘em were both yellin at me, yelling and screaming, saying how could you be for this project don’t you realize if he builds a sixty story building the trees aren’t going to get sunshine. you actually believe that? How in your right mind you gonna believe that? You can’t block the sun . . . I can’t remember how many million miles and it still somehow reaches the flowers underwater. How you gonna block the sun with a building?  Manhattan never woulda been built with that theory. Am i right or wrong?” – Proud Brooklynite

2 Responses to “You Can’t Block the Sun”

  1. Lumi Says:

    Atlantic Yards is a NY State sponsored project. The City Council had no vote to approve the project — sheesh.

  2. downtowncharlie Says:

    the level of civic, political and policy understanding expressed by this commentator “Proud Brooklynite” is rather low and deplorable. If he/she understood the facts the rhetoric used would not be possible.

    the project was approved by an unelected board of Pataki fundraisers and cronies. aka, a minority.