I Want to be Able to See My Kids on the Street

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“I don’t see the average family in Brooklyn, particularly a low-income family, being able to function in those buildings effectively [proposed Atlantic Yards Towers]…When we worked in Bed-Stuy, on BS Restoration Corps. . . there was this woman who leaned out her window and said, “give us affordable housing. But make sure I can yell at my kids on the street.” You just can’t do that in a 40-story building. If you don’t have a nanny, the kids have to play on their own.  They have to have some sort of relationship to the community. And it’s different, for any family. But it’s a lot easier if you have support and funds.  If you’re a low-income family, it’s impossible. That kind of high-rise building is not designed for families.” – Urban Planner

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