Community Lab: Atlantic Terminal Community Center

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(L-R) Civilians Artistic Director Steve Cosson and
Actors Marsha Stephanie Blake & Melanie Nichols King
Photo: Adrian Kinloch

Brooklyn at Eye Level includes a number of Community Labs connecting artists with local youth groups.  Playwright Lucy Thurber has been working with kids at Atlantic Terminal Community Center.  The students have been writing plays and songs about their neighborhood and community.  Come to The Performance Dec 4 -  7th to see selections of student work from our Community Labs.

COMING SOON: Keep checking back here to hear plays written by youth from the Atlantic Terminal Community Center performed by The Civilians actors.

My Home, Your Home
By: Evelyn McLaughlin

My home, your home, our home together-
You have one hand, I have another-
Put them together and we’ll have each other
1st verse
Sweet smells from the kitchen
Entrance me in the weirdest way
I feel so comfortable when I’m at home
I love you so much, not you but my home
4 is heartful, helpful and happiness
O is oblivious, Omni, octopus and mysterious
E is for everything, everywhere in my home
My home, your home, our home together-
You have one hand, I have another-
Put them together and we’ll have each other
2nd Verse
Love and happiness makes up a home
Stay with me and you’ll never be alone

Deep Inside My Mind
By: Ashley Jones

Deep inside my mind as my words go elsewhere. I hear parts of me take down.
As the light from the sky come down I see inside of me as if a x-ray came over me.
My heart beats fast as if I just heard a bell ring
My mind takes over my heart as if I’m dead but I’m walking as if I’m hear my mind goes around come back down as a fear, as everyone look and wonder why is this girl hear.
I fight their words but their power takes over me as they cut me with there power.
I drop blood as if rain have came over. I’m inside of a box locked down like a slave that have been shot down, walking under the rail road trying to find a life,
I’m still in this box and I won’t even fight.

Untitled Song
By: Ashley Jones

It’s twelve o’clock and the base from the music stops.
The room is filled with silence while the teens search for their tops.
Hurry hurry move swiftly it’s the cops!
Two teens approach the door with fear written across their face.
The sounds of their hearts beats loud like hip-hop base.
“We got a call from a neighbor, loud music and foul play”
The teens stood in the doorway neither knew what to say.
“Who’s the chaperone in charge of this party guys?”
No one could vouch everyone was under eighteen.
The conversation got cut short by a loud scream…..ahhhhh!
The cops ran straight in, trying to assemble where the sounds came from.
As they approached, the girl lay shot by a fully loaded gun.
She layed in the hallway trembling like a mountain of erupted rocks.
“Breath breath” one of the screamed!
But it was to late the girl was pronounced dead on the scene.
Who could have done this?
A drunk out of control teen.
A lesson hopefully learned, a girl pronounced dead on the scene.

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