Each Time I Refuse to Sell, The City Gives me Tickets!

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“They raided me 13 times because they don’t want me in the neighborhood and it was basically simple.  It was a simple as that.  They trying to get me out because i refuse to go.  Most of my food is cheap 90% of my customers are minority  and they don’t like that.  They say they don’t want all these African-Americans back into the neighborhood. . . i said you know what, you need to stop harassing me. . . every time they raid me, the day before i receive a call from some real estate investor in the city that wants to buy my building.  when i tell them no, you guys raid me, so what the fuck you expect from me.  they tried to shut me down, my restaurant was clean, not mice, not rats, no garbage, no unhealthy, unsanitary, so when they come here they give you some tickets for some bullshit. you know what the funniest freaking ticket i got from the fire department just to give me a ticket. it was a grease spot.  you see how clean this back is up over here, over the filters, i have a company here the sticker right here, and they come clean this thing every month, right.  you see that there was a little grease over there on the filter, right there, you see right there.  i got a ticket for that. they couldn’t find anything. they give me a ticket for every little thing and i got hand washing everywhere towels, soaps, everything. you know. they couldn’t catch me.  they brought the building department they give me stupid tickets on my door.  ooo this is off a little bit.   so i went through a lot.” – Community Business owner (Busines is not one pictured)

One Response to “Each Time I Refuse to Sell, The City Gives me Tickets!”

  1. downtowncharlie Says:

    Since the building pictured is a real business and there is some rather controversial stuff in this blog post said by the owner of the actual business, which is a restaurant while the photo is of a bodega just on the other side of the Atlantic Yards footprint, the responsible thing to do would be to either display the photo of the business being discussed or remove this photo. i makes no sense to have it up .