All This is Predictable

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“You know, I was brought up to think that the world actually is a somewhat rational place!  Well it is rational, you know, this is a guy who went to law school with Pataki who was the governor at the time, he dangles, you know the elephants in front of Marty Markowitz, he dangles part ownership of a football team in front of Jay-Z, he offers free events, you know, so that poor families can bring their kids to a basketball clinic, that then gets used to create a PR video, you know?  You know!  He gives half a million dollars a year to New York City political campaigns, he dangles you know, 10,000 construction jobs in front of the union – Oh, excuse me, that turns out, no, 15,000 construction jobs in front of the union he dangles, which turns out to mean 1500 construction jobs a year for 10 years, and oh by the way, if you go down to the where they’re creating the Rail Yards down on Atlantic Avenue and count how many people are working down there?  What is it.  15?  20?  You know.  But all this is predictable!  All this is predictable. It’s a trip.”  – Rational Brooklynite

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