Arrogant, Cocky New Neighbors

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“i knew everybody.  it was a neighborhood.  it was a neighborhood. it was family orientated neighborhood.  my customers, one of them or their family members or whatever . . . i went to their funerals i went to their wakes . . . it was a tight community.  it was like, you know, that type of community is like, where you were born and your next door neighbor was born right next to you and you guys grew up together, that was the neighborhood.. now you see these guys coming in.   first the elder black and the old black families in this neighborhood in 99, 2001, 2002, 2003 they got robbed out of all their brownstones over here, they was buying brownstones over here 200,000, 300,000. these investors held onto them and now they’re selling them for 1.5, 1.6, 2 million dollars. and now all these guys you see coming into this neighborhood.  they dont have time to say hi to you how are you, how ya been . . . they dont. that is nasty of them that is very rude . . . arrogant, cocky.”  – Brooklyn Old Timer

One Response to “Arrogant, Cocky New Neighbors”

  1. Lumi Says:

    By chance, the two gray houses in the background are under threat of eminent domain.