They dont care about Black Business!

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“Not good for business not good at all [whispers] because the white people don’t like our type of food, you know? They don’t come in. I been here for over three years but the store been here over ten years. But with this construction right here? We hardly get any people coming in at all. Cause the construction just make people wanna walk fast fast through here to get past all the dust and the debris. So nobody stop. We not doing too good. They said it supposed to be done by Thanksgiving but Thanksgiving is next week. So maybe by Christmas. By Christmas that would still be better. Been like this for long long time now. They turn the street one way so nobody can park anywhere and now the bus been re-routed so hardly anybody come by dis side, you see? It’s like in Third World countries. You know in third world countries when they drag the work out for long long time so more people can make more money? They don’t care about the Black business man cause all they see is we don’t vote for them. We don’t vote at all.  But I vote. But my one vote is not enough to get dem elected, you see? So they not gonna save my one business when the people coming in gwine vote for them in multitudes. They looking out not for me, not for my neighbor, not for my friend. They looking out for numero uno. You know what numero uno is? Number one”  – African-American Businessperson

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