Its a Binding Contract

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“It’s a binding enough contract [The Community Benefits Agreement] that when you see things happen in the community that are not going in that direction, that you can go back to that piece of paper say look this is what you promised us, to the developer, this is what we agreed upon doing and it was signed by the mayor. So I really feel . . . they had a whole press conference and everything and the signing and everything so I feel yes, it was a binding contract.  You can go back and say this is what you promised to do.” – Brooklynite

Official Atlantic Yards Community Benefit Agreement information.

2 Responses to “Its a Binding Contract”

  1. Lumi Says:

    For the record, Mayor Bloomberg showed up at the signing ceremony and signed SOMETHING, but it wasn’t the actual Community Benefits Agreement (CBA). It made for great theater, but had nothing to do with the actual document.

    The City of NY is not a party to the CBA, which was in reality signed by groups which support the project and the developer. Plus, the agreement is only legally binding if signatories decide to sue developer Forest City Ratner for non-compliance.

  2. downtowncharlie Says:

    Every lawyer will tell you it is non-binding. It is a PR stunt, not a CBA. As “Lumi” says above, the Mayor has no control over its implementation.