Where i’m gonna go?

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“If ya’ll do kick them out . . .I hope ya’ll got another house for them to move in. My grandmother been here for twenty years and she said she ain’t going nowhere. And I said grandma I’m right wit chu. Cause I love this building. Without Atlantic Terminal there wouldn’t be me. With all the talking and encouragement, you must stay on the right track, you know. Me talking to gang members out here, drug dealers. Some of them went back to school because of what I said to them, the good advice. You know it make me feel great. Me going to another complex? C’mon I don’t know nobody. I know people in the Clinton Hill area, Fort Greene area. I don’t wanna go out to no Bed Stuy. No Farragut. I don’t wanna¬† go there. I’ll go there to talk or whatever but I’m not going to live out there.” – A Firmly Rooted Brooklynite

(PHOTO: A Civilians company member on his way to an interview in Ingersoll-Whitman Houses)

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