A gardener remembers the way it was . . .

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“I had gotten all these bulbs, and I was out with this little heart-shaped spade, um, planting them, and….I….I was up close to 127, and one of the drug dealers, this other neighbor and I decided that one of the ways that we could fight this, this problem was just to make the drug dealers feel uncomfortable. And so, when they would come out, instead of looking away, or crossing the street, we would just watch them – not say anything, but just watch them. So, I was planting, and, the bulbs, and, one of these guys came out, and I was just looking at him. And, and um, he, he charged me, and he grabbed my spade, and was about to cut up my face, and, and – attack me, with my spade, and fortunately, my neighbor who had sort of took over as like as my guardian on this block, and he . . . intervened. He was an older man, and he intervened, and stopped this guy from, from cutting me up. But it was – it was like that. . . you  just had to watch where you walked.”  Garden and a Guardian remembering the way it was not so long ago.

(NOTE: Picture is from the Bears Community Garden.  Click on COMMUNITY to see more photos from the Bears Community Garden by Alix Lambert.)

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