Crumb Snatcher?

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“We’re the average joes and we’re the average janes.  We’re African-american, we’re asian, we’re hispanic we’re all these different things.  We struggle and yet we’re accused of taking the money.  But nobody’s taking account of moneys that come out to support the opposition.  It’s ok for them to have all of that.  It’s ok for my city council and my state senator to give them $100,000 so they can do an environmental to review the project that’s $200,000 but grassroots organization like us we couldn’t get 5 cents.  So if we get $50,000 from the developer again for things you’re showing and you’re doing, oh you’re taking the money and you’re running off and you’re doing whatever.  This is not a get rich quick scheme.” Hard working advocate

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2 Responses to “Crumb Snatcher?”

  1. Norman Oder Says:

    Actually, the total was $130K, because Assemblyman Roger Green blocked state funds.

    While it was characterized above as to “support the opposition,” it was used to pay consultants to analyze a long and complicated environmental review.

    That was in response to state spending of nearly $5 million on a consultant for an environmental review and blight study that never included a market analysis.

  2. SmithBrotherJoe Says:

    That’s just the sort of quote FCRC was counting on when they dreamed up that joke CBA (which is reviled all over the country by community organizers as THE example of how NOT to do a CBA.) Ratner cherry picked participants and, with Bloomberg’s blessing, labeled this tiny handful “the Community.” ACORN was basically bought off by being made administrator for 2,500 apartments for middle income households (there would be NO poor people or any receiving assistance in Atlantic Yards! Thanks for the sell-out, Bertha!) and the other tiny organizations were put in the position of signing an unenforcable document. Sue Ratner for not keeping his word to you? Sue the billionaire? With what kind of money? Oh yeah! Ratner would set up some sort of legal fund! With about enough funding for the first filing, then it’s empty.
    These folks were bamboozled, and they did it for pennies. They did sell out, totally, and for nothing. Really sad.
    But in the “there must be a god” file, have you seen Forest City’s tanking stock value? This thing will never, ever get built. But they continue to spend out the committed investment by blighting the area. With Bloomberg’s help and encouragement. Nice.