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“You want my stories? You gots to come up off that cash. . .  I’m not giving up my life for free. . . I gots lots of stories too. Lots. I’ve been living here all my life…. That’s over  fifty years. Over fifty years of stories. Nah. Like I said, you gotta pay me. You telling me you ain’t got no monay? You got money. . .Not-for-profit? What that mean? You still got a producer. Producers got money. , , How I’m gonna give you my life for free? …I got fifty-six years a stories. But, I ain’t no chump. Nah, I don’t need no dollar. I don’t need two dollars. Like I said, I need lots of dollars. Like I said, COME UP OFF THAT CASH! I don’t want coffee or lunch. See here?  Look, look, I got my own food. Swanson Frozen TV dinner, that’s right. I get my own coffee and my own food. I need money. How I’m gonna give you my life for free, then you up there and people see you telling MY stories and they like it, and they tell somebody else, and they like it, next thing you know, you up there at the Oscars sitting with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett and I’m still sitting here eating Swanson TV dinner, watching you winning a Oscar on TV for my story?? You got a grant. It say you sponsored by a grant. So you got that grant money. I want some-a that grant money. I’m not saying I want a million dollars. I’m not saying that. Like I said, I want something. Few hundred dollars.  Coupla hunnerd dollars. I got sixty years a stories. Sixty years. I seen this neighborhood go from white, to black, to everything, and now back to white again. Sixty something years of stories I got. But I ain’t giving them away for free. Like I said, come up off that cash.” – Someone Who Needs Some Cash

Our presentation at the Brooklyn Lyceum may not win us an Oscar or even get us a seat between Will and Mrs. Pinkett Smith at the Oscars but it will stir up the hood.

(NOTE: The gentleman pictured did not offer the quote.  He is a “street performer” who has been spotted around Brooklyn)

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